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Breakthrough Missions Indonesia History (2012)


In furtherance of the founding vision and commission that God has for Breakthrough Missions; that everyone should be free from bondage and enjoy true freedom as a child of God, Breakthrough Missions took a big step of faith by partaking in evangelistic work in Indonesia as early as 1994.

At that time, our evangelistic team led by Pastor Simon Neo, visited over 8 cities in East and West Java. Pastor Simon’s sharing of his life’s transformation and anti-drug vision were well-received as it was easy to see the damage caused by drugs and the resulting societal problems such as broken families, crime, suicides, drug trafficking and AIDS, etc.

In 1998, a church in Indonesia wrote to us about problems of drug-addiction among the youths. Pastor Simon responded to the invitation and went to Jakarta for a series of talks and work on anti-drug campaigns. Arrangements were also made for our Indonesian brothers to be trained here in Singapore.

In 2000 by God’s divine purpose, our Indonesian brother Kumia returned to Bandung after training with us and started sharing the anti-drug vision to churhes in Indonesia. Many churches responded to the vision and reached out to drug addicts. A church called “Hok Im Tong” rented a space and started Bandung Breakthrough Missions.

In the same year, God brought Mr. James Riady, Managing Director of the Lippo Group of Companies to visit us in Singapore. In seeing how the lives of drug-addicts are transformed by the power of the Gospel, he was deeply moved. Mr. Mochtar Riady, Chairman of the Lippo Group was stirred by what he had seen and offered us a site to establish Breakthrough Missions Jakarta. We were blessed with a big stretch of land with the capacity to house 100 residents. Mr. Riady not only offered us land but also his time by being personally involved with the planning and setting up of the new home.

Praise the Lord! The gifts of love to God’s ministry from the Lippo Group and from the brothers and sisters from churches in Jakarta and Bandung are indeed delightful and pleasant offerings unto God and blessings unto many; accomplishing God’s redemptive plan for the lost. Ever since then, we have been sending our staff and residents to pioneer the ministry work in Jakarta. Glory be to God!

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