Our History

History of Breakthrough Missions Canada

I was a gangster and a drug addict in Singapore before coming to know Christ. Being a heroin addict for eleven years, I lived a life enslaved by violence, lust, alcohol and gambling. Eventually, I was casted out by my parents, became homeless and lived my life as a beggar on the street. In 1992, I was admitted to an evangelistic drug rehabilitation centre—Breakthrough Missions Singapore. My life changed completely through the Christian drug rehabilitation program. I, in turn, served in the Christian drug rehabilitation Ministries in helping drug addicts for fourteen years, and later on went to graduate from the Singapore Bible College.

Rev. Berechiah Lee, when he was a drug addict (Left),
and now in his transformed life with Christ (Right).

In 2007, God guided me and my family to Vancouver. I became the Mission and Evangelism Pastor at Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church and served there until the end of 2012. After praying and waiting on the Lord for three years, God has vividly showed me His heart for Vancouver. Families, both with or without belief, are hurt and broken by drugs, alcohol, gambling, family violence, sex and internet addiction. Damage to one’s physical and mental being, interpersonal relationships, and family ties can only be healed and changed through God’s transformation power. With the grace of God, Breakthrough Missions Canada, a “life transforming centre”, will be officially registered as a non-profit evangelistic organization in January 2013. We are here to assist and support Chinese speaking communities and churches to help all those in bondage of different kinds of addiction .Through serving these needy people, we can be salt and light of the world and the name of Jesus Christ can be lifted.

Rev. Berechiah Lee
Executive Director
Breakthrough Missions Canada